Québec's Science & Policy Issues


The Science and Policy Exchange (SPE) initiative stems from the conviction that scientists and policymakers must communicate more effectively in order to better serve the interest of the public. The mandate of the SPE team therefore is not to take a specific position on an issue, but rather to offer a forum for dialogue designed to expose young researchers and the general public to issues affecting the relationship between science and policy. This is achieved by the organization of an annual conference to bring students, business professionals, researchers and politicians closer together. Additionally, given that we cater to a largely student population, we have also taken it upon ourselves to provide students with career opportunities through the organization of as a series of networking events.

We believe that to continue to evolve as a society it is critical for key science and policy stakeholders to exchange ideas on the best way to shape our future. In order to do so, our mission is to gather individuals who share enthusiasm for social involvement, a strong interest in the topic, and a desire to engage in an exchange of opinions. Thus, the specific goals of SPE are:

.          To initiate a dialogue between policymakers and scientists in order to forge a strong link between them, resulting in smarter policy decisions;

.        To engage with members of the general public, who are often left out of political and scientific discourse;

.          To foster a strong science policy culture and educate the next generation about the need to unite the goals of science and policy. They represent the next generation of scientists, politicians, business leaders and policy makers, making them an ideal audience to foster a strong science policy culture in Canada.

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