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2015 SPE STEM Event

On November 28 2015, SPE hosted a Working Group on STEM education where we brought together students and experts in STEM fields across academic, government and industry sectors in order to devise guidelines for federal government to improve the way STEM education is imparted. Invited panel of experts, included Josephine Nalbantoglu, (the Dean of Graduate […]

SPE Interviews Science and Technology Critic and Deputy Critic, Ted Hsu and Laurin Liu

Come watch SPE’s interview with Member of Parliament, and Science and Technology critic and deputy critic, Ted Hsu and Laurin Liu.             Ted Hsu was elected Member of Parliament in May 2011 for Kingston and the Islands as a member of the Liberals, and is currently the Liberal Science and Technology […]

Come On, Get Happy: The Science of Stress Management and Productivity

Science & Policy Exchange’s second public forum held on June 2nd 2015 was a grand success! There were well over 100 attendees, a great panel of speakers, lots of freebies & prizes, but most importantly, a lively public discussion on the impact of mental health issues on society. The evening began with moderator Mr. Jeff […]

Science and Policy Exchange’s First Public Forum – Antibiotic Resistance

Science and Policy Exchange’s first public forum On March 10th 2015, the Science and Policy Exchange hosted its first public forum, “The Truth about Antibiotics: Superbugs and What You Need to Know,” consisting of a panel of expert speakers who discussed the topic of antibiotic resistance from various contexts. The evening began with a witty […]

A New Way to Die

On Friday, February 6th the Supreme Court of Canada changed the way some Canadians can die. It struck down a twenty-two-year old ruling denying access to assisted-suicide by modifying the Criminal Code so that all adults who “clearly consent” and who suffer from a “grievous and irremediable medical condition (including an illness, disease, or disability) […]

From Pigeon Pie To Pesticides: It’s A Slippery Slope To Mass Extinction

Remember when we used to live harmoniously and peacefully with other organisms on earth? Of course not, that hasn’t happened for ages now. There are currently close to 9 million living species sharing space on this planet, and yet we act like we are the only one. We manufacture contraptions and constructs that only benefit […]

Ethics and policy development: ELSI programmes bridge divides

Developing effective public policies is no easy task. Policy interventions necessitate that decision-makers base their decisions on a broad knowledge foundation that is inclusive of multiple perspectives and stakeholders. In addition to considering numerous cultural, economic, and political factors, as well as diverse sources of empirical data, there is growing recognition that policy proposals must […]

How to pay for science

Imagine that you are heading up your own business.  You have a great idea for a product.  But that’s all it is right now.  An idea.  You need staff.  You’re going to need to make your product.  You’re going to need to market it and explain and tell people why your product is awesome and […]

Educate a Girl, Protect a Mother, Advance a Family

The lack of Science communication and education in the so-called “third world” is having extremely dire consequences, especially on the lives of women in these societies. Superstitions, incorrect information, and inaccessibility of education and services are all causes of the lack of accurate health knowledge. As North American women, we have access to an education, […]

Overcoming the doctor-patient communication hump

A few months ago, I went to the doctor’s office to get a particularly persistent infection checked out. Along with an antibiotic prescription, the doctor administered a few tests and I was told that I would hear back from him within 2 weeks if anything serious came up. 4 weeks later, I got a call […]